Gathering Salesforce Requirements Like a Pro

May 23, 2018

Gathering Salesforce requirements is a chance to discuss, define and document what you want to achieve with your platform. This is not a technical exercise, and people from all over the business can play a role in the requirements gathering process. Read more

The Sales Team Adoption Nightmare: What is Hindering Smarter Sales in Your Organization?

March 6, 2018

Your sales team is responsible for arguably the most important piece of your business—driving revenue. However, according to CSO Insights, 65% of a salesperson’s time is spent not selling. This doesn’t come as a surprise—your team is constantly scouring the corporate knowledge base to move deals forward, and that doesn’t consider the time they spend updating the business on their deals. Read more

Engage Your Constituents With Text Messaging

February 5, 2018


Before coming to Cloud for Good, I worked for an organization that provides multiple income and food support services to low-income NYC residents. Our clients’ vulnerability often limited their access to email and impeded their ability to confirm or keep appointments. Read more

4 Signs Your an Amazing Sales Force Admin

April 7, 2017

Salesforce Admin positions are sweeping across the world and are becoming one of the most in-demand jobs globally. Just last year Indeed placed the “Salesforce Administrator” position at Number 4 in their “Best Jobs of 2017” in the United States (Salesforce Developer placed just behind at #6). This rating was given due to the current number of open positions, the salary, and growth opportunities for the position. Read more