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May 18, 2021


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Salesforce, a Fortune 100 company, is one of the largest, fastest growing CRMs around the globe. We have experience of multipe Salesforce projects that have included implementation, consulting, administraion, development of custom modules/apps and also built integartions.

We aim to assist you in both, smaller scale implementations, suited for small business segments as well as larger projects involving complex system integrations, custom software development and data migration.

We specialize in multiple Salesforce components like Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Einstein Analytics.

Sales Cloud is the original CRM launched by Salesforce back in 1999. Being one of the biggest and most innovative companies, it has been a legacy of Salesforce to keep on evolving its services and always striving hard to create ease for users. No matter if you have a product based or service based offering, your sales team always works as the fuel running in the veins of the organisation. It is quite common for sales people spend a lot of time in managing and documenting sales conversations and it’s hard for them to keep an updated record of everything and channeling their efforts towards doing actual sales at the same time.

Sales Cloud can help sales teams bring order to this chaos while also ensuring better sales management. Sales Cloud is a cloud based solution so anyone from the team can access the data from anywhere using any device. Sales Cloud provides an end to end support throughout the Sales process from lead to engagement to upsell. It manages all your contacts, opportunities, and all relevant information about every prospect under a single roof.

In order for Sales Cloud to make a real impact, it is important to model it around the busines requirements which can vary across industries. We can help implement a Sales Cloud solution that is modelled around the individualized needs of your sales team and the business dynamics of your industry.

Service Cloud is one of the most important and widely used components of Salesforce that is focused on providing service excellence resulting is client satisfaction and retention. According to the McKinsey & Company, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel they are being treated. Therefore, an apt after sales service in a timely manner never fails in taking the success rate to new highs. With Salesforce Service Cloud, businesses can manage customer service from anywhere, anytime. Salesforce Service Cloud redirects your customer inquiries to the relevant team member irrespective of any medium your customer is using to commit with you. It can be your website, live chats or even social media.

Cloud Primero understands how important this phase can be for any business therefore, we make sure a seamless implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud to create a win-win situation for our clients and one that is tailored according to the business needs.

Today customer engagement is fiercely becoming more important than ever. In order to increase customer satisfaction and long term relationship building it is of critical importance that the businesses keep reminding their customers that they are there at their service and value them.Salesforce Community Cloud is one of the most effective ways to engage with the customers. Through Salesforce Community Cloud, just in a matter of few clicks, a community can be created where the users can interact with each other and share their experiences.

This will be a great way to collect customer feedback and provide value to the existing and prospective customers. Experienced professionals at Cloud Primero make sure to get clients acquainted with Salesforce Community Cloud to harness customer engagement.

There are a number of tools available in Salesforce Marketing Cloud through which customers could be reached out in a very personalized manner. Email studio of Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be used to create personalized email marketing campaigns. According to RedPoint Global, “63% of consumers expect personalization as a standard of service and believe they are recognized as an individual when sent special offers.”Social Studio of Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows to create, manage, upload and engage with customers on different social media platforms. Advertising Studio of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful digital advertising platform for marketers that helps in connecting customers across different digital advertising mediums.

At Cloud Primero, we have experienced professionals who not only implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud but also provide consultation to businesses suggesting its various uses

According to Attomdata, 75% of companies see increased engagement when they use data-driven marketing. To help achieve this goal, Einstein Analytics with the help of artificial intelligence and its algorithms allows its users to collect and interpret data.

That data is further used to interpret different trends and major sales and marketing strategies are built considering those statistics. Cloud Primero understands the importance of data, and our Einstein experts are skilled in implementing Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

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